Peace Corps
Thai 27
Joyce Wagner

Both of my years in Thailand, I taught in Prachinburi. During the summer break it was off to Phuket to teach at a teacher training program.

Prachin Kalyanee School


After leaving Thailand, I traveled a bit and then returned to California where I finished up my elementary teaching credential and then went in search of a one-room school that needed a teacher. At that time, there were 19 in the state and so I, by choice, went to Wildwood in Trinity County.

1973 Entire student Body K-8

After 6 years teaching there, the school was closed (due to the lumber mill closing enrollment had dropped to 5) so I transferred to Hayfork Elementary where I taught in the primary grades.
After 30 years of public school teaching, I retired in June of 2002.

1986-87 second grade Hayfork Elementary



While I tremendously enjoyed teaching and working with children, retirement has enabled me to spend time doing other things which I greatly enjoy. I raise flowers in the front garden so I can give away cut flower bouquets to friends and neighbors.
The birds which come to my backyard feeders are well photographed and I have done some traveling to photograph wild birds in distant locations (was very sad when Seychelles became popular and beyond my budget)

Rock Sand Piper, St. Paul Island (Pribilof Islands)

Northern Flicker, My back yard

The beauty of the outdoors of Trinity County, and the enjoyment thereof, is always salve to my soul.

Two and a half days a week I travel over the mountain to Weaverville where I volunteer in the hospital and the Skilled Nursing Facility with a fully trained service/facility dog..
We visit at the local hospital, skilled nursing facility, senior assisted living and make home visits.

"Lulu" at Trinity Hospital

My first dog was Lulu is from Canine Companions for Independence and her first career can still be seen on T.V. reruns of 'Dogs With Jobs.' The dog is a hit with all and I just sort of go along.Lulu died very suddenly of liver cancer. 

I applied and went through the application/interview/retraining process for a
successor dog. 
A year ago November, Tareth became a part of my household.
Tareth is also a graduate of Canine Companions for Independence. She spent a year and a half in puppy training with the family of Christine Evans in Seattle, Wash. She then went to Santa Rosa for six months of advanced training. After two weeks of rather intensive training with me, she graduated in November 2005.

JoyceWagnersDog Tareth and Marie Kerr share a spot of tea.

As one of the trainers said, "Tareth has big paws to fill."  As Lulu was a TV
star, Tareth had her work cut out for her in the hearts of many. 

She is doing a beautiful job of bringing comfort and cheer to the ill, elderly, home bound
and special needs students......... and she is so darn cute.

Life is good and every moment is a treasure.