Peace Corps
Thai 27
Wynn (DeBevoise) Egginton

Son-in-law, Jim Hsu, daughter Ana (31), Wynn, her mom (90), her mom's husband, son Lyn (28) and his fiancee, Anne Bilby.

Wynn and her son, Lyn, as he was leaving for Afghanistan after Christmas (working on a contract with the United Nations).

Ken DeBevoise and I taught English at the Phitsanulok College of Education for three years (now Sri Nakarintrawiroth University). Phitsanulok is a provincial capital halfway between Bangkok and Chiengmai. Our son, Jan, was born in Mission Hospital, Bangkok, in December 1970. After completing our three years, we moved to Guam, then back to Thailand where we continued teaching for a short time before our daughter, Ana, was born (May 1973). Our younger son, Lyn, came three years later after we had returned to the States. After leaving Thailand a second time, we lived in Kamuela Hawaii; Lafayette, California; Santiago, Chile; and Eugene, Oregon.
Ken and I divorced 20 years ago, but remain connected through our children and one granddaughter (Simone Hsu).

I married Everett Egginton in 1986, two years after leaving the University of Oregon for the University of Louisville. Everett is also a returned PCvolunteer--from Venezuela

Everett and Wynn with his grandchildren, Alexander and Charlotte

Our three children (now ages 28, 31, and 33) attended middle and high school in Louisville.

Wynn's older son, Jan and his friend Carol

Almost two years ago, Everett accepted the position of Vice Provost for International & U.S.-Mexico Border Programs at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM. I am Special Assistant to the Vice Provost for Research, which means that I support cross-disciplinary faculty groups interested in pursuing large federal grants, act as liaison with our congressional offices regarding Federal Initiatives (aka Pork), write all kinds of capacity statements, white papers, and anything else that comes up.

Wynn and grandchild, Simone

Mostly, I enjoy what I do, but I also greatly enjoy activities outside the office, including business and pleasure trips to Mexico, hiking, tennis, and just being out of doors. I now speak more Spanish than any of the languages I studied in high school and college, but when I can’t think of a word, out comes something in Thai.