Peace Corps
Thai 27
Barbara Thomas
I taught at Pranakorn Teacher's Training College in Bangkhen. .
After my two years in Bangkok, I stayed in Thailand for another few months exploring the worlds opening to me and then taking a long trip home.

I traveled with Mike Billington much of the trip and some back in the States, ending up living with him briefly in California. My "seeking" nature took me from Eastern spiritual quests to political quests and I became an organizer for a leftist group for the next three years. In the process, I taught ESL in California, NYC and Ohio, married and divorced a guy in that political group, and ended up in Detroit, MI, where I left the group and went back to school to get my Master's in ESL.
Accomplishing this took me to Washington DC to teach at a couple of university ESL programs, to Yugoslavia as a Fulbright lector, and then back to the Washington area where I have lived since 1982. By chance, the World Bank picked me up for their ESL program and I have now logged in 21 years as a staff trainer teaching communications skills in Washington and in their country offices.
I love being immersed in the international community and have broadened my repetoire to team building, cross culture, business writing, public speaking, and various "interpersonal skills" training.

I get the opportunity to travel abroad a couple times a year as requests come in for what I do. It is a delight to be able to spend quality time (usually 2-3 weeks per trip) in various countries, getting to know the staff and area as much as my time will let me.



Barbara Thomas March 1993

I was able to visit Vance in Thailand when he was Peace Corps Director and Ken DeBevoise in China when he was teaching in Nanjing.

The last few years have brought me to Yemen, Turkey, Madagascar, India, Bangladesh, Cote d'Ivoire, Kenya, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, Costa Rica, etc. I try to find time to travel when I am there. I have been back to Thailand several times but don't find it the same country we knew.

In 1998, my partner Francine and I moved to the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, about a half hour south of Annapolis. It is a long commute but I love the area (horse farms, charter fishing boat captains, sod farms, and marinas). I have begun to see the swans, herons, ducks, and even sea gulls as my pets. My main extra-curricular activity is working with my Friends (Quaker) Meeting, which I hope to do much more of once I retire. Next to PCVs, these Quakers are my kind of people.

My thanks to Ernie for bringing us all back together to report on our lives to date. It is fascinating to reflect with those whom we shared such interesting experiences at such a formative time of our lives.