Peace Corps
Thai 27
Alina (Butler) Stephanovsky

Alina trained alongside the rest of the volunteers in Pepeekeo.  
She and Bart Butler decided to leave the program shortly before we were set to fly to Thailand.
They both went to San Francisco where they spent about a year. During that time Alina taught French to 4th-6th graders at a French-English school while Bart went back to college.
They got married and in 1971 moved to Coumbus, Ohio where Alina had family.
In 1972 they had their first child...Matthew.
In 1975 Andrew was born.
Alina raised her two children , did substitute teaching and volunteer work for many years.
Bart and Alina were later divorced.
Both her children currently live in Washington DC

In 1988 Alina began working for the Greater Hilltop Community Development Corp. an organization that seeks to maintain a high quality of life for residents and businesses in the "Hilltop" area of Columbus, through revitalization efforts, planning & development.
She is currently executive director of the organization.
She was the founding chair of the Greater Hilltop Area Commission and served on the commission for 10 years. In addition to her work in the Hilltop she has participated in numerous city-wide planning activities including the City of Columbus Comprehensive Plan, the Consolidated Plan and the Affordable Housing Task Force. Alina is an active member of the Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization Leaders Group and serves on The Columbus Foundation Neighborhood Partnership Program advisory committee.