Peace Corps
Thai 27
Chesley Prince

I left my school in Sakon Nakhon to help train a group of new TEFL volunteers.
After that I traveled south from Bangkok to Bali and back, and eventually found myself home again in Baltimore.
I worked for H&R Block, where I met Cathy, my future wife, who didn’t stick around.
Wanting to make more money, I then went to work for Good Humor selling ice cream before heading off to Dallas for law school.
After graduating and passing the bar exam, I got a job in Galveston, working for an old man (WW II) and his father (WW I). The job didn't last very long. I did meet Cathy there again and, luckily, she stayed.
Next, I went to work for Social Security, at first in Fort Worth, TX, and now in Des Moines, IA.
It isn't exciting but it pays the bills. We also got married. We don't have any kids.
Along the way, I've had the pleasure of meeting Bob Blau and his wife, Kim Osmer, in Austin, TX; Lou Parisienne and his wife and two boys in Minneapolis about 22 years ago; and this past October, Jan Dunn Oldroyd and Clark Oldroyd, in Boulder, CO. Clark was a TEFL volunteer with me in Sakon Nakhon. After Clark’s and Jan’s recent trip to Thailand, I’m looking forward to returning myself, the sooner the better. Because of Ernie’s efforts, I’m looking forward to a reunion with this group as well.