Peace Corps
Thai 27
Pock Otis

Pock Otis and grandchildren
(L-R) Satch from Vladivosock, Mikey, (a bio kid), Nathaniel, (the other "bio kid), John-Luke (Half Russina; half Romanian), Rhodes Scholar of 2018) from Magadan (Siberia), and Sailor-Ann, Eurasian Russian from same orphanage in Magadan.

Pock was a Peace Corps volunteer to Thailand in Group #13. He also was a cross cultural trainer for Group #27 .

He writes: Group 27 was my only training group. After that I went to Japan and taught English. Then back to Thailand as myself and taught at Thammasat. I've been back several times on business and to take my family to the school I taught at so long ago. I'd love to make contact with others (in group 13) but we have no site for my group.

In 1976 Pock got married. They have two sons. Sheff, 28 now with 5 children under 5 (see what I think will be my Christmas card this year); and Ty who is finishing up in Philosophy at Colorado College.

He lives in Minneapolis, MN and heads up Otis Associates, Inc., helping clients to identify and harvest global market opportunities.

Pock promises to write of some interesting experiences in Peace Corps soon.

Grandson "Satch"