Peace Corps
Thai 27
Anthony Jr. (Skip) Mynar

On Aug 2, 2004 Skip wrote:

"I left Thailand after a year ( sorry guys, all that repetitive TEFL chanting bored me to tears),
came home to Ellensburg in Central Washington,
Went to grad school until my G.I.Bill ran out,
Moved to a cabin in the Cascade foothills ( had a visit from Steve Tripp, while there )
Got married,
Leased and later bought an 80 acre farm,
Went to Costa Rica in the Peace Corps (ag extension),
Came home, recruited aggies for the Peace Corps for three years,
Got serious about farming, raised hay and beef cattle for 20 years, more or less went broke,
Got a job in town as director of a non-profit corp. running drug and alcohol treatment centers,been here 14 years next month,
Still live on the farm,
Have a (beautiful) 19 year old daughter who is a sophomore at MIT.
I have my health, not much of my hair."