Peace Corps
Thai 27
Bonita Estes

Bonita Estes was a familiar face to those who served in Bangkok.

Bonita's Peace Corps career began in 1965 when she was a PCV in Liberia ('65 - 67)
She then worked in PC/Washington for one year as an Assistant Desk Officer (Micronesia)

In 1969 she began training for Thailand in Hawaii. Her time was was split between Pepeekeo with the rest of us (2 months of language/cross cultural.)  She actually stayed by herself at the Hilo location but went up the hill for classes with the ag group (28). 

In Thailand she as a volunteer assigned the Peace Corps office. She was Kevin Delany's secretary. If you had any business at the Peace Corps office off of Petchburi Road, you were sure to run into Bonita. I
She left Thailand in January 1971

She writes :"I joined the Foreign Service in '73, went to South Africa, fell in love with a U.S. Marine guarding the Embassy while it was in Cape Town. 
Got married in '77 (the Ambassador gave me away), and we had our only child, a son 9 months and 4 days later (BJ Theriault) -- in San Diego (my husband was still in the USMC). 
After that we lived in Virginia, then Oklahome before we moved to New Jersey in '81.  Divorced in '95 and I rejoined the Foreign Service in '97.  Went to Nairobi (went through the bombing), left there and went to Lima in mid '99.  Loved it but left it in 2001 for Barbados.  I retired from Barbados in 2005.

Bonita is now living in Las Vegas, NV