Peace Corps
Thai 27
Janice (Dunn) Oldroyd and family
Photo: We just got back from a 2 1/2 week trip to Thailand with our children and my brother. We visited both of our sites (NE and South) and covered a lot of territory. We travelled by train, boat, van, rental cars, and about every possible means of city transpo imaginable. We were able to contact old friends at both schools. Much fun. I've attached a picture of our "group." It was our second trip back - the first one being just a year ago
I married Clark Oldroyd from Thai 30 in 1974. A week after our wedding in Florida, we arrived in Boulder, Colorado for Clark to begin graduate school at the University of Colorado. It was just supposed to be the next adventure for us before moving on to "wherever" for the rest of our lives. Surprise! We're still in Boulder! I guess it's home now.

I taught Thai and ESL for years while our children were small and finally decided to go back to get an MA in Curriculum and Instruction. I spent 13 years working as an ESL instructor at an intensive English program in Denver and got involved with teacher training through CU Denver, too. It was fun but thoroughly exhausting. Two years ago I made a career switch to academic advising for regular CU students which allows me to work close to home and leave the work in my office when I go home at night (unlike teaching!). Clark also works for the University of Colorado and is in Alumni Relations

We have three children. The third one will finish college this coming spring and we are already celebrating! At this point all three are in the Denver/Boulder area and we marvel at how fortunate we are to have them close to home. The oldest son is married and the second son is getting married on Sept. 18th, so the family is growing.

We made our first trip back to Thailand in 2002. That trip gave us the courage to think about a trip with our children to visit our Peace Corps sites. We just returned from that pilgrimage a few weeks ago (photo above). We took our three children, one daughter-in-law, one fiancee, and my brother on a trek to the Northeast (Sakol Nakorn) and the south (Nakorn Sri Thamarat) to retrace our steps. Things have changed beyond recognition but we managed to connect with old teacher friends in both towns. It was a trip we've dreamed of for years and it met all of our expectations.

We welcome visitors to the Rocky Mountain area - lots of empty beds in our house right now!