Peace Corps
Thai 27
Cliff Crane

Cliff Crane with Steve Krichels, Bob Narcisi
and Dianne Sherman in Ayutthaya (1970)

Cliff Crane, Dublin, CA


I Left Peace Corps to go to Nepal. Really wanted to return home, so I did... to San Francisco, CA.
Finished MA and found "temporary job" teaching 5th grade. 31 years later, I retired from this same Pleasanton School District. :)

Married at age 32 much too quickly: too much in lust, and not enough wisdom. Traveled with wife for a year around the world. Adopted a Korean baby (Leah). In 1985, after 9 years, got painful divorce.

Liz and Cliff Crane

Started another MA program (Integrative Psych) and met my current wife, Liz, who was also going thru a divorce and also had a 3 year old child.
We lived together for 8 years, and finally married.
We have been together for 21 years now.
I became a school counselor and an MFT in private practice.
Liz and I started the Center for Creative Living in 1994.

We now live in Dublin and both work as counselors at the Center in Danville.
Oldest daughter, Leah (25), lives with us as she finds her way in the world.
Vimala (24) is married and at UCON law school.

Recently took whole family for 6 week visit to Thailand. Thailand, the Peace Corps, changed my life forever in very positive ways. For example, I am a practicing Buddhist now.

I feel very blessed to have lived my life and be where I am. More info about me and my life can be found at

Liz, Vimala, Cliff and Leah