Peace Corps
Thai 27
Derek Brereton

Derek married Bonnie Pacala in Thailand a year after Peace Corps training
They moved to Michigan
Derek got his masters degrees in anthropology, South East Asian studies and later in clinical social work
They have two children and one grandchild who all live in the Ann Arbor area, Abraham (31) and Liza (25) and Marley (7)
Derek and Bonnie were divorced about 15 years ago.
He remarried Pamela Newcomb in 1996
Two years ago Derek received his PhD in anthropology from the University of Michigan, and now is publishing academic papers and teaching part time at Adrian College, in Michigan. in the Department of Sociology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice
.He is a specialist in Anthropology of religion, kinship and social structure; landscape and human experience

His fieldwork was done at Squam Lake, New Hampshire,and Derek and Pam have spent most of the last six summers there, enjoying visits from Liza and Marley.

Derek has returned to Thailand and his field site, in Pattani, twice since ending his term in the Peace Corps.