Peace Corps
Thai 27
Don Blakemore

Don Blakemore taught at the teachers training college in Lopburi for two years.
While in the Peace Corps he met Marilyn Senese from Thai 29 who was teaching in Ayuttaya
Upon completion of service Marilyn and Don took a year off traveling to Malaysia, Indonesia, Bali, and India. They even spent 6 months in Laos teaching.
They flew back to the States in 1972 and were married in Monterrey, California.
Don started working as a carpenter there. During that time Brian Francis came out and joined him in the construction business.
In 1973 Marilyn was accepted to graduate school at the University of Hawaii.
Don and Marilyn packed up and headed for the islands.
While Marilyn pursued her education, Don continued to work in the construction business.
In 1975 their daughter, Dana, was born.
Marilyn and Don eventually divorced after 12 years of marriage and Marilyn returned to the mainland. They stay in touch and have remained good friends.
Meanwhile, Don stayed on in Hawaii where he has been for the last 30 years.
He is currently construction supervisor for Sunrise Construction, a builder of residential townhouses. He has worked with them since 1991

Their daughter , Dana, is a teacher of 4th grade at UCLA. Don says he will soon be a grandfather!