Peace Corps
Thai 27
Liz Baker
Me in my office today. Hispanic Symposium T-shirt. Bengals vest, sensible shoes, a middle aged school marm who dreams of traveling again.

I joined the Peace Corps in 1969. Originally signed up for Nigeria, but finally served in Thailand, on Phuket, the island of enchantment. Where you just relax and say****-et!  I visited the temple retreat of Pra Putaytath (don’t know how that is supposed to be transcribed) and had an audience with him. I will never forget the sense of peace there. The retreat later gained a reputation for being a rehab for drug addicts.  I had many adventures, but unfortunately my memory gallery is faded, has gaps, and holds much less than that of other PCVs’ .

Phuket Boy's School


After my service had ended in 1971 I visitedJapan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India; I was a nomad, picking up jobs in English schools, trading kimonos, being a go-go dancer as well as a bar hostess.  I even remember selling Chinese medicine out of a travel case, although people doubt that.   I returned in 1972 to attend Grad school at University of Arizona where I got my MA in TESL.
I married a fellow Uof A graduate, Abdouh M.Yacoubi, in 1975.   I went to Morocco with my husband, who with his PHD in Soils and Water Engineering went to work in Rabat at
Universite de Hassan II.




Rabat 1976 with French Moroccan Student

I taught at the American School and went trekking in Scotland during the summer.  In 1976 my father died and I flew home to Idaho for a short visit.   I came back to Morocco, but Abdouh and I developed an on again off again relationship that some years later ended in divorce.
I went back to Japan where I had friends, and taught in an English school. I learned Japanese.
I returned and drifted between California, Idaho and Arizona. 
Later I got a job at Inter American University in Puerto Rico and lived there for 5 years. I married again there to a black West Indian bar owner in the US Virgin Islands. . My daughter Nikki was born. I loved Puerto Rico so much. I took my baby to the beach every day. I was married for 5 years. Went through lots of hurricanes!
I left Puerto Rico in 1982 and moved to Oakland and then Woodland, California. I spent eight years there, teaching part time at Mills College, then for four years at Yuba College and Dixon Adult School….and doing other grimier work to scrape by.
I moved to Lewiston, Idaho where my daughter graduated from high school. I taught at Lewis Clark State College and Lewiston High School (ESL/LEP/ELL they keep changing it) for 15 years.
My daughter, Nikki, took her BA from Boise State and became an Assistant Marketing Manager at Simplot in Boise.  She met and married her husband, an engineer, at BSU.  They both landed new jobs in 2005 in Silicon Valley.  She is a Lead Client Marketer and he is a Sales Engineer for Amiritsu.  I am granny nanny to my twin grandsons, Kai and Leo. I stay  active in peace groups, labor, environmental, and political action organizations.