Peace Corps
Thai 27
Dianne Sherman
  I spent one year in Thailand teaching at the Ayuthya Teacher’s College. A Thai teacher, who had studied in Michigan, arranged for one of his ‘best’ students to live with me. We had a nice little house on stilts, just a short walk from the college. Songlag was a very bright, atypically extroverted young lady who spoke good English, and it was wonderful to have her with me.

Songlag and Me in Thailand

My Peace Corps experience was a very good one. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. I loved Thai food.

Even so, I decided to leave after a year, to join my friend and fellow Ayuthyan teacher (at a different school), Stephen Krichels, in an extended, adventurous trip back to the States. |

Traveling home after Thailand. India

Once back in the States, we lived in Maine for about five years, on beautiful land that Stephen bought.
Bob Narcissi visited once.

Steve Krichels and me in Maine (1972)

We went our separate ways in 1976, and gradually lost touch with each other.


I went back to art school, eventually moving to Ohio and getting my MFA in painting.
In 1981 I moved to Albany, New York, where I met my current husband, Joe Galdi, a neuropsychologist who had also recently moved to New York from Ohio.

Me and Joe around 1985

I worked as an exhibits curator for a museum in the area. However, as research funds in Joe’s field were drying up around that time, we moved around quite a bit, including to New Hampshire, Michigan, and South Dakota. In New Hampshire, I taught ESL to three young boys who had been orphaned and adopted by American families, two from Cambodia and one from Vietnam. In Michigan, I taught drawing at an arts center.

A painting of one of the kids in Thailand

Then, while Joe was working at the state psychiatric hospital in South Dakota, I got interested in psychology and decided to go back to school.
I later went to graduate school at the University of Minnesota. Joe was in Wisconsin by then, so we continued a long-distance relationship for years, as I plodded along and procrastinated with the dissertation. Completed in 1995, I moved back with Joe who was by then living in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area, working at the Center for Forensic Psychiatry.
I did a two-year post-doc fellowship in neuropsychology at Mott Children’s Hospital.

For the past five years, I too have been working at the Forensic Center, have an office across the hall from Joe’s, and do the same work, which is doing forensic evaluations of defendants referred by state courts. We live in a small village, Britton, about 20 minutes from work. We never had children, so have built our family around cats. Currently, we have four (Mitzi, Zilly, Sweet Boy, and Shy Boy) running the show.
After 24 years together, Joe and I finally got married last December. We live a pretty quiet life, usually just relaxing or puttering around the house and yard on weekends.