Peace Corps
Thai 27


               Tom McEachron
Tom taught at the Yala Girls School in southern Thailand.
About 3 months into his first year there, he happened to call home and found out that his
grandfather had passed away. (In those days His parents had no way of getting a message to him)
He asked for permission from Peace Corps to return for the funeral.
He came back to the US and decided not to return to Thailand.
Back in the states he met some Thais and kept up with his language skills
He worked for Merrill Lynch for two years and then decided to go to law school
He got his law degree in 1974 and has been a practicing attorney specializing in insurance for the last 30 years. (Votel, Anderson & McEachron)
He met Patty and they were married.
He has two children both in college...Melissa is 20 and Thomas is 22.