Peace Corps
Thai 27


Maria Hruscov

Maria left after our week in Honolulu (She remember that many of us stayed in a hotel on Hotel Street in Honolulu, right in the middle of the red light district. ) She went to San Francisco (on the same flight back with Alina and Barton she recalls) and got a teaching degree. While there she remembers running across Gaynor Turner.
After getting her degreeshe went job hunting but because she didn't have a car she found it difficult to get work.
So she decided to return to her family home in Lakewood, Ohio.
After a year there she got her masters degree in Special Education and went to work teaching in nearby Cleveland.
Later she took a job in Lorain, OH where she taught for 26 years.

Not long ago she retired from teaching and is now looking forward to doing volunteer work and part time tutoring.
She says she would love to get together at a reunion.

Maria still lives in the same house that she gave as her home address in our Peace Corps handbook.35 years ago.