Peace Corps
Thai 27
Peter Coombs and Family

(left to right) Arianne, just out of college, working in Boston; a somewhat more rotund me than most will remember - but I'm working on that, and Christy - 3rd year in nursing school here in NJ; then back row is Ashley, starting her junior year in high school, and Mom (Niramon/Iam) - our 24th anniversary coming up in a month or so.(October 2004)

Pete taught English on Goh Samui Island for 4 years...until 1973
He went to Laos for 2 years ;
And then spent 3 years teaching at at Silpakorn University in Bangkok.
Next, he went to work as Peace Corps training director in Thailand. During that time he met his future wife, Niramon who was one of the trainers he hired to help out in the Peace Corps program.
They returned to US and Pete went to work for the family business ...Cairn Fire Hemets.
Later the company was sold to MSA, a company that markets fire and mine safety equipment worldwide.
Pete is currently senior fire service salesman for MSA
Pete has three daughters ages 16, 21,22 . The oldest just graduated from Boston U.
Although Niramon and daughters have returned to Thailand for visits, Pete has yet to make the trip back.