Peace Corps
Thai 27
Bill Muir

Bill Muir spent 3 1/2 years in Thailand up in the north. He started out in TEFL teaching at a school in Mahasarakham.
He spent a lot of time in the jungles and rural villages. His monthly stipend from Peace Corps was a paltry $72 US per month. And because the area was poor, he ate a lot of rice and noodles. He would go into Bangkok for the obligatory physical, have dinner with other volunteers from our group, then head back to the north. He disliked the big city.
The area he worked in up north was a "hot zone" during the Vietnam conflict. Bill saw a lot of action and he was shot at on several occasions. Some locals suspected him of being CIA. He got involved in other volunteer efforts not connected to Peace Corps...helping out in agriculture, and providing simple medical assistance, malaria eradication. Despite the dangers Bill says he liked his job and decided to extend.
When Bill returned to the states he got his Masters degree at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois. (Bob Blau and he crossed paths there)
He began a doctorate degree in South East Asian studies with special emphasis on Vietnam , but the program ended for him in 1975 when Vietnam fell to the Communists.
For a while he coached football in high school and later coached Rugby and Soccer in the University
He is currently in retail sales. He is single.