Peace Corps
Thai 27
Charles Berry

I've been in Honolulu since returning from the Peace Corps as I decided to pick up another degree at the University of. Hawaii
.After the M.A., I lucked out and got a job with the community college then switched over to Kamehameha high school in 1975.
I taught mostly World History for the next 27 years, as well as being a Class Adviser for some six classes.
Finally, gave up the scene and retired a year or so ago and have been spending all of my time at the beach near Waikiki. Figured that after 30 years I should be able to enjoy the beach since I didn't have much time to do it while working.

During the summers, I always fly to Innsbruck, Austria . I learned to enjoy the mountains while there and always return to Innsbruck each year even though most all of my older friends have passed on. This summer, as usual, I'm in Europe and doing some climbing and hiking when the weather permits. . I normally bum around Europe with my Eurailpass for two months so will be here until the middle of September before returning to hot Honolulu and the beach to regain my tan.