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  45th Anniversary video Peace Corps video celebrating 45 years
  Peace Corps Journals Compilation of Peace Corps jounals and
sites worldwide
  Thai 27 Message Board If you want to post a message to anyone in our group you can do it here.
  Revisiting Thailand Kevin Delany, our Peace Corps Director, shares some of his impressions of Thailand on his first trip back in many years
  Revisiting Vietnam Kevin Delany's account of the fall of Saigon and his evacuation from the city as it fell into Communist hands.
  A Retiring Attitude Links to Hugh Leong's articles on "Retiring in Thailand"
  Living In Thailand Today At the thai 27 reunion in August 2005 Hugh Leong made a presentation about what it's like to live in Thailand today
Retire 2 Thailand A website with information for people who are interested in retiring in Thailand or have already retired there.
Friends of Thailand National Returned Peace Corps Association affiliate. Carolyn Nickels, the president, has done an outstanding job of connecting Thai RPCVs.
  Group 27 at Airport in Honolulu Numbered photos of our entire group in Hawaii from Chesley Prince
Other Group Photos Group photos of other Peace Corps Thailand Groups from "Friends of Thailand" site
  List of All Peace Corps Groups list of all PC Thailand groups from #1-#118, where they trained, country director, number of members (from Friends of Thailand website)
  Group 27 at Ministry of Ed Numbered photos of our entire group in Thailand from Chesley Prince
Peace Corps Online The Independent News Forum serving Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
Maps and Aerials of Pepeekeo Maps and Google Earth captures of Pepeekeo and area
Peace Corps Thailand 40th anniversary of the Peace Corps in Thailand
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Current weather in Bangkok  
Current weather in Bangkok  
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Sq. Meters-Sq. Feet converter Convert Square meters to Square feet
Convert Thai land measurements Convert Rai, Talang Wah to Acres and square meters
Thai-English language dictionary If your Thai is a little rusty and you want to brush up, here's a great site Want to know what it means in English? Copy and Paste Thai text and get a rough translation in English
Bangkok Post Daily news from Thailand
  Life as a Teen in Pepeekeo Someone who attended Pepeekeo school before it was a Peace Corps training site
  The End of the Siam Intercontinental Hotel Photos of the Hotel, it's history and the final demolition of the landmark
  Pepeekeo School 1935 Short essay by former student of the school
  Cactus Spam Highly rated Free Spam Filtering program if you are getting a lot of email spam
  Geefay Productions video and TV production company
  Thai Food Tonight Learn to cook Thai food without a cookbook
Online Thai cooking videos from Dim and Cathy Geefay
Just click, sit back and learn. A lot of Thai parents struggle to feed their children. With the minimum wage in Thailand just 200-300 baht a day it's difficult for many of them to pay rent, utilities,and buy food to feed their families. If you would like to help poor Thai children, visit
For just $5 (USD) a month you can help feed, cloth and educate one of these poor children. You may use PayPal or Your Credit Card. And you may cancel at any time.