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skinny dipping in Hawaii
Tony Horne talks about 5 am Thai Classes in Pepeekeo
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teaching in Songkla, Thailand
Bob Narcisi after Peace Corps
  Micellaneous Memory items from Peace Corps:

· The only thing I remember about Escondido was the Marine Corps dentist. He gave me a couple fillings without the benefit of an anaesthetic. He said his new “water drill” would be painless.
· I met Lloyd Miller at the arrival airport (San Diego?) and we went to Escondido from there
· For the arrival at Hilo, the group was on a chartered Pan Am jet, I think. It was raining heavily and the crew took the airplane around because the visibility was so bad. Scary.
· At Pepeekeo there was a welcoming ceremony, during which they played “Back in the USSR” on a stereo.
· The classes at Pepeekeo started early in the am. I remember Chitraporn stamping her foot on the ground to wake me up once when I nodded off
· No hot water meant invigorating showers. I recall someone asking if the water would be as cold in Thailand! The answer was—“you wish” or “you’ll welcome cold water…”
· Some of the language drills I can still remember. They’d make us memorize phrases, like “thamthammada welaa may sabaay maw hom kin lao suup burii..” Don’t ask me how I can dredge this kind of stuff up, but there are more…
· We had frequent heavy rains in Pepeekeo. You could slide down the small hill out front because it was like a waterfall.
· Trips to: Akaka Falls, the Queen’s Baths (now covered by a lava flow), Waipio Valley, Hapuna Beach (now has shelters all over it)
· I got a second degree sunburn from spending the day at Hapuna….they bussed us out there.
· There was a basketball game at Pepeekeo Mill? Against a local team?
· Geza S took off one day and climbed Mauna Kea? Remember him saying he ran into wild pigs.
· I recall a bunch of us going to a pool at the base of a waterfall in Waipio Valley

* we had these "peer noms". It was a system whereby you filled out a sheet of paper and explained what you oiked or didn't like about other volunteers. Kind of a popularity contest feel to it. Then the recipients got to see what others thought of them...

* On Oahu I taught at the Kalakaua School. They were Philipino kids, and gues what? The aural-oral method we'd learned Thai by--and learned to teach English to Thais by--worked!

*I was assigned to the Mahawachirawut school in Songkhla. We took a 24-hr train ride to get to Hat Yai rai station. One week later, Malaysian Communists blew the station up! This happens every once in a while the people in Songkhla said...

*wherever I walked, a string of students would follow behind, like ducklings almost..

Sorry, but that’s all I got right now….