Peace Corps
Thai 27
Lloyd Millers recollections
I do remember having a ball in Pepeekeo. I most remember the days it rained so hard and we did the water slides in the grass. Great times. I remember the talent show we did, hitchhiking to The Mauna Kea Hotel for Sunday brunch (they lost money on us!) I remember also falling in love with Tawitia (incredibly beautiful); how difficult it was for me to learn Thai; getting lost in the cane fields in back of the school house, the waterfall near Pepeekeo, Geza Ruska getting lost on Mona Loa; those ice cold showers.
Additionally, I will never forget the smell of Bangkok getting of the plane at Don Muang and how much stronger they become getting closer to the Petchburi hotel. That first morning after arrival questioning what I had committed myself to.

I am thankful for my superb assignment to the English Language Center at Mahidol University overlooking the Royal Palace and working with the Ford Foundation to develop programs.
I also remember my many happy travels on a Honda 90 Scrambler. How I survived I will never know. I remember others PCVs from earlier and later programs: David Kalis, Diane Good, Alan Artman and others.

I also remember living on the same soi next to Schmuecker party house with the constant flow of up-country visitors. I never liked Mekong, incidentally. Often I think those days were the best, most innocent and most secure times of my life--even at an impressive salary of $110 per month with health and dental benefits. I also remember my appearance on a Thai television soap opera that was broadcast live all over the country. I had to remember my lines phonetically (bad at Thai, remember?) and I am sure half of Thailand watching was wondering what the heck I was saying. I only remember that my female co-star was the
prettiest woman I had ever met who insisted that I look her in the eyes when I spoke. I did and forgot my lines each and every time.

Fried rice kept me alive for three years. We often ate at Scarface's restaurant. The convenience of the SEATO headquarters
c afeteria right next door also sustained me. I lost 55 pounds while stationed in Thailand. Also remember the boxing stadium area where we would enjoy Gai Yung, caw neo, lop and ice cold Singha beer.

I met a host of in-country nationals that I still have memories of: Adjaan Iadsiri (she was in training with us in Hawaii and later killed in a bus accident in Thailand, Adjaan Mayuri, our headmaster and many others.

I must be honest, however. I truly think all the while I was in Thailand I was wishing I wasn't there. I really enjoyed the experience retrospectively upon returning to the States and reflect on it often.