Peace Corps
Thai 27
Group 27 at hilo airport
Honolulu Airport about to board
Pan Am Flight 2 for Bangkok
May 11, 1969
(from Bob Blau)
Mike's articles
Michael Schmicker wrote many articles for the Bangkok World and Bangkok Post . Click on the picture to access some of them
Group 27 at ministry of education
In Thailand at the Ministry
of Education, May 1969
(from Bob Blau)

Peace Corps publicity brochure (from Barbara (Theobald) Waldschmidt)
Click pdf.

Thai 27 directory(from Kevin Wheeler)
(Click here 1 meg pdf)
(Click here for 3 meg pdf)
Self Evaluation form(Susie Becker)
Innoculation card (Susie Becker)
The Medical Manual was our health guide for living in Thailand (from Tony Horne 2.2 meg pdf.)
The Syllabus   was packed with lots of interesting information for the new trainee (from Kevin Wheeler 1.5 meg pdf.)
Susie Becker gave us this Anti Communist comic book that was distributed to us. I'm not sure what they expected us to do with this.
Chesley Prince's Passport with the date we arrived in Bangkok May 12, 1969 stamped
Explanation of the TEFL program
English Lesson Critique
Part of our training was learning how to teach English to Thai students. Here's Cris' critique of one of Tony Hornes' Practice Teaching Lessons

Thai Writing Lesson
It was hard enough learning to speak Thai. But some volunteers tried learning to read and write, too. Here's one of Tony Horne's writing lessons

training conditions