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Jan Dunn Oldroyd Sent along this Peace Corps 45th Anniversary Video


In the past "regular updates" have been in email form. It was easy.
However my last collection of updates got zapped when my computer "crashed" and all your notes to me got lost.
So....I'm going to give this format a try.
I'll still email update notices but the updates themselves will be in this format.
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The forum has been revivied on Thai 27 web site. It's called COMMENTS on the menu tab.
Like a blog, a forum is great place to put your thoughts, comments, and memories of Peace Corps , get into a discussion or reply to others, conduct a poll, post a photo. But unlike a blog, a forum belongs to everyone.
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Mike Schmicker writes "I vote that we hold a Thai 27 reunion in Hawaii next Fall. I'd be happy to help set up the hotel arrangements, etc."
If anyone is up for another reunion, we are conducting a poll.
CLICK HERE       Ernie
Mike Schmicker dug up several hundred old negatives he shot while in Thailand (1969-71). Click the photo to view the collection
Dan Curry (Thai 25) is a seven-time Emmy Award-winning Senior Visual Effects Supervisor/Producer and Director for television’s Star Trek series. During his Peace Corps days he worked with Mike Schmicker and Ernie Geefay on the Meet Mr. Maytree Series
A fascinating three part mini documentary was made about Dan and his work.
Click the links below to view the videos




Both Renee and Bonita emailed this little video of a Thai market scene that you will find amusing. Capitalism at work


Kevin Delany
"I have been involved with the local campaign to finally get a
congressional vote for DC  and continue to work for the Obama campaign in myriad ways. "

Bonita Estes ( Kevin Delany's secretary in Bangkok) says that her son came home from Barbados and is living with her until he gets settled with a job. "It's great to have him here.  Otherwise, I'm just enjoying my retirement after a busy few months running around the southwest helping my friend sell Red Hat attire."

Lloyd Miller
Just enjoying my new life "up north" (Wisconsin)
  Having dinner with Bob Stroshine and his wife, Diane, next weekend.  The leaves have turned beautiful colors and it is getting a little nippy.  Seeking out investors for a new business opportunity I have been working on for four years.  That occupies my thoughts a lot lately.   I also connected with Maureen O'Brien via telephone about 6 weeks ago.

Renee Trent
writes that she is still working at AED.  Husband, Webb, is in retirement mode with 3 part-time jobs, all of which he loves--gardening, tourguiding, and teaching ESL.  
Renee and Webb took a trip to Thailand last Christmas and New Years
She writes " Webb had already been traveling for 8 weeks in Bhutan, Cambodia, and Vietnam, and Thailand, when I met him in Bangkok for my comparatively measly 3-week vacation.  We had a fun day with Hugh and Pikun in Chiang Mai.  They have a lovely home and good life there.  Chiang Mai is full of tourists, but the temples are as glorious as ever.  We saw many old friends there and had great times together.  We escaped the bustle of CM with a couple of days in Nan and Prae, towns which still maintain some of the Thailand we knew way back then.  But, we must say that Chiang Rai is the most interesting--great new museums out of town, the Princess Mother's estate and gardens, small town atmosphere, great temples.  We were hosted by Thai friends at the Dusit Island Resort Hotel, which was certainly a change of pace for us!
Back in DC, we just had a a mini-i-reunion with Kevin Wheeler in town for a conference.  Barb, Vance and Kathy, and Webb and I met with Kevin for dinner and had a fun and cozy time catching up.

And now, Mona is town from San Diego for a conference and will stay with us for a few days starting tomorrow.  So, Thai 27 looms as large as ever! "

Janice Dunn Oldroyd
writes   " We are about to become grandparents. Our oldest is having his first (a girl). The due date is Nov. 19th so sometime around then"

Ernie Geefay
and wife Dim had a visit from Hugh Leong and wife Pikun. They came back to the US to visit their two sons, one of whom works in Sacramento.
The Geefays and Leongs spent a nice day up in Lake Tahoe . They took a short hike at Fallen Leaf Lake

Sharon(Cook)Miller Many of you will remember Sharon, who was married to Lloyd Miller.
She was a CUSO (Canadian) volunteer who worked in Uttaradit at a teachers college.
She writes: " I am a travel agent with AAA here in Orlando and enjoy it very much. Life in Florida is very fine. The boys have been a joy to raise and be around. Now I have two cats and a dog to dote on.
I have been to many CUSO group reunions in Canada. The last one had over 29 volunteers from my group show up. Good times, for sure. All the stories I had forgotten and many secrets revealed. Three of our directors were there as well!! It was amazing how in shape and healthy they were, now in their seventies. "

Rachel Baker
continues to be very involved in anti war protests in the Bay Area. When she is not protesting in the streets she's taking care of her two grandchildren in their new condo.


soldiers in front of wat

A member of Thai 27 wrote this engaging account of his Peace Corps experience in Thailand and of those turbulent years.
It's great reading and should awaken some old memories.
To access the book, click the photo above. It's password protected.
The user name and password should have been emailed to you.
If you don't have it, let me know.
If you have any comments or if the book jogs any memories, please post them on the "COMMENTS" forum (link on the  navigation bar on the left hand side of this page) Ernie